Hot Tub Pumps: The Complete Guide

The hot tub pumps are an essential part of the hot tub in many ways. They circulate the water in the hot tub. They function to give you clean and hygienic water. Moreover, without hot tub pumps, you will not be able to get the desired soaking and immersion experience. Imagine if there are no hot tub pumps or if they stop working. The water will stand still in the hot tub. It will get contaminated, and bacteria will grow in the hot tub. Your perfect spa ambiance will be turned into a habitat for germs and bacteria. Of course, you don’t want that. Therefore, you must get a hot tub that has high-quality hot tub pumps to give you a perfect and hygienic massage experience.

However, with leisure comes responsibility. If you get the hot tub and you want to enjoy a lifetime experience, take good care of the hot tub pumps. However, to take care of the pumps and to clean them properly, you must have complete information about the hot tub pumps. Well, if you are thinking from where you can get the information about the hot tub pumps? Don’t worry! You are at the right place. The China Royal Spa has prepared a complete guide about the hot tub pumps. So,continue reading and get the authentic and in-depth knowledge about the hot tub pumps.

So, let’s get started.

Hot Tub Pumps: The Complete Guide

This guide will give you the complete information about the hot tub pumps. The first thing that you must know about the hot tub pumps is their functions and why they are immensely important for the hot tubs. So, lets start with the functions of the hot tub.

Why the Pumps are Essential for the Hot Tubs?

The pumps are integral part of the hot tub because they serve the following essential functions.

Water Circulation

The hot tub pumps circulate the water. They circulate the water through the hot tub filters, heaters and jets.

Hot Tub Circulation Pump

Clean and Hygienic Water

The water circulation ensures clean and hygienic water. The pumps push the water in hot tub filters that removes dirt and dust from the water and gives you hygienic water for hydrotherapy.

Perfect Ambiance for Hydrotherapy

No one wants to sit and immerse in the dirty and clogged water. Therefore, the hot tub pumps give you a perfect ambience for hydrotherapy and massage.

Ensures the Water Flow

Stagnant water gives a smell and it could ruin the spa ambience. Moreover, you will not get the perfect pressure to get the hydrotherapy. Therefore, the hot tub pumps ensure the water flow through jets and filters.

The Specifications of the Hot Tub Pumps

Apart from the functions of the pumps, it is vital to know the hot tub specifications. Therefore, before going into the details of replacing and repairing the hot tub pumps. It is crucial to know  the specifications and features of the hot tub pumps.

Fixed Speed Vs Variable Speed

The hot tub pumps power the jets and circulates the water through the filters. Therefore, every hot tub needs a low and a high speed water circulation pump.

The hot tubs have different pump’s settings. Some hot tubs have two pumps; one with a low speed and the other one with a high speed. However, some hot tub models have a single pump that could be set at the low and a high speed. The low speed pump moves at 100 GPM and the high speed pump moves at the 260 GPM. The high speed pump of the hot tub is responsible to power the jets.

The Pump’s Voltage

The hot tub pumps have a motor to function correctly. The motor needs voltage to run and circulate the water. However, it is vital to note, how much voltage a hot tub motor needs to run and function. Some motors need 120 volts while some needs 220 to 240 volts. China Royal Spa suggests you know the voltage beforehand and then take the necessary measures to install the electrical wiring. If you are thinking that how would you know a spa has a 220 volt motor or a 120 volt motor? You can easily identify it. If the motor has two wires, green and white, it needs 120 volts to run. However, if it has four wires; green, black, white and red, then it needs 220 volts to run and function.

The 120 volt motor could function with the regular wiring of your home. However, if it needs 220 or 240 volts, you have to install the new wiring to run the hot tub.

The Hot Tub Safety; The Wet and Dry Ends of the Pump

The hot tub pumps circulate the water in the hot tub. However, if the water enters in the pump, it could damage the functions and structure of the spa pump. Therefore, the pump has two ends; a wet end and a dry end.

The wet end of the pump is connected with the jets and circulated the water through jets and filters. However, the dry end is connected with motor and covered with a seal that protects it from the moisture.  Each end of the spa pump works separately and if there is a problem in one end, you have to solve it separately.

The Discharge Orientation

The hot tub pump is responsible for the water discharge from the hot tub. The pump has a discharge orientation that discharge the water. The orientation is visible and you can easily locate it in case of any problem.

The Power Supply

The HP of the pump refers to how much power it provides to run the spa jet. The spa pump, HP varies between 3/4 HP to 5 HP.

However, to run the jets, plumbing is equally important. Therefore, apart from the HP the hot tub must have a high-quality plumbing.

The Frame Size of the Pump

The hot tub pumps are installed inside the frames. The frames are either 48 or 56 inches. The China Royal Spa suggests noting the numbers written on the pump so that you can replace it properly in case of any problem or breakage.

The Common Issues of the Hot Tub Pump

Following are some most common issues that your hot tub could face.

The Loud Noise of the Pump

If the hot tub has some issues, it started producing a loud noise. If you notice the noise or loud sound, it’s time to replace or repair the hot tub pump.

Leakage around the Pump

If you notice moisture around the pump, it means the pump seals are leaked. The leaked seals and water could further escalate other issues. Therefore, you must repair the pump leakage at the earliest.

High Pitched Sound

Sometimes the pump produces the rubbing sound. It means something is stuck in the pump. Remove the shaft and clear the pump from the dust and other materials.

How to Repair the Hot Tub Pump?

Like any other part of the spa, the hot tub pumps could get damaged because of the frequent use. However, you can easily repair the hot tub pumps.

Low or No Water Pressure

Sometimes the hot tub jets give you low or no water pressure at all. If you face the same issue in your hot tub, you can easily solve it by following ways.

Clean the Hot Tub Filters

If the hot tub pump is unable to give you a soothing and relaxing pressure, filters may have some problem. In such case, the China Royal Spa suggests to clean the hot tub filters. First, remove the dirt and dust. It would be best to soak the filters in cleaning products to completely remove the dirt and dust.

Clean the filter

Deep Cleaning

To solve the issue of low water pressure, you must go for the deep cleaning. China Royal Spa suggests doing deep cleaning. Drain the spa completely, clean and thoroughly and refill to restart the spa to get the water pressure.

The Problem in the Pump’s Motor

The pump’s motor may have some issues, and it may stop working. Or it may turn on and off frequently. If it turn off and on frequently, it may have some problems with the motor wiring.

How to Solve the Issue?

To solve the issue of motor wiring, you can check it with a multimeter. If the wiring gives less power supply to the motor, you have to repair the wiring at the earliest.

Running Motor With No Water Circulation

If the motor runs properly, wires give a sufficient power supply. Then there must be a problem in the circulation system. Something might be stuck in the plumbing.

How to Solve the Issue?

To restart the water circulation, check the following things.

  • Clear the water filters of the hot tub.
  • Cut the power supply of the hot tub.
  • Check the impeller of the pump.
  • Clean it and remove the dirt and dust from it.
  • If the impeller is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Hot Tub Pump Does Not Operate

Sometimes the pump stops working, and it does not circulate water in the spa. In such a case, you must try to repair the pump before replacing it.

How to Solve the Issue?

To repair the pump and to resolve the issues, try to restart the hot tub pump.

  • Locate the breaker of your hot tub.
  • Open the hot tub breaker.
  • Turn off the breaker.
  • Turn on the breaker of the hot tub.

If the pump has minor issues, they could be resolved by turning off and on the breaker. However, if the issues are still there, you need to replace the hot tub pump.

Water Leakage and Pump’s Malfunctioning

The hot tub runs smoothly if there is no breakage or damage. However, the breakage or damage in the spa structure could disrupt the smooth function of the hot tub. Moreover, it could lead to the malfunctioning of the hot tub pump.

How to Solve the Issue?

You can easily solve the leakage issue of the hot tub. To locate the leak and to fix it follow the following steps.

  • Get a flashlight.
  • Open the spa cabinet and observe it properly with a flashlight.
  • Thoroughly search the cabinet and if you find and moisture, identify that area.
  • You can find the damage in spa shell, impeller or the union.

Once you find the leakage in the hot tub try to fix it as soon as possible. Moreover, look into the electrical part of the hot tub to know if the water cause any damage. If there is some damage repair it at the earliest before using the spa.

How to Replace the Hot tub Pump?

If the pump is damaged and it could not be repaired. The China Royal Spa suggests replacing the hot tub pump at the earliest to enjoy the spa experience. To replace the hot tub pump, follow the following steps.

Identify the Problem

Whenever your hot tub pump has any sort of issue. At first, identify the problem. If the damage is minor and if it could be resolved with repairing, repair the pump. However, if it has some significant issues that can’t be managed to repair, you have to replace the spa pump at the earliest.

Disconnect the Power of the Hot Tub

Once you have planed to change the hot tub pump, disconnect the power supply of the hot tub. The China Royal Spa suggests not to start the repairing or replacing process without disconnecting the power.

Disconnect the Old Spa Pump

You can easily disconnect the spa pump with the following process.

  • Disconnect the wires of the pump from the spa panel.
  • Remove the sealing or the access cover of the hot tub pump.
  • Remove the cables of the hot tub pump.

Look into the Specifications of the Pump

Once you have removed the spa pump, look into the specifications of the hot tub pump. Note down the voltage, HP and frame size of the hot tub pump. To get the best results, get the exact same hot tub pump.

Installing the New Hot Tub Pump

Once you note down the specifications and get a new hot tub pump, the next step would be the installation of the new hot tub pump. To install the new pump, follow the following process.

Connect the Power Cable

Many hot tub models have two speed configurations. You can configure the hot tub pumps in the following ways.

  • Remove the wiring plug from the new pump.
  • Install a cable connector clamp.
  • Remove the wiring access cover from the new hot tub pump.
  • Connect the power cable wires of the pump.
  • Replace the access cover.
  • Tight the cable clamp

One Speed Pump Configuration

If the hot tub has the pump with a single speed, follow the following steps to configure it.

  • Attach the copper wire with the pump grounding terminal.
  • Fix the pump in the place.
  • Align the union connections of the pump.
  • Connect the screws of the pump. Don’t tight them at this stage.
  • Tight the unions with hands, avoid using the screws.
  • Tight the base screws of the pump

Two Speed Pump Configuration

If the hot tub has two speed pump, you can configure it in the following ways.

  • Connect the white wire with the common wire.
  • Black with higher speed.
  • Red with the lower speed.
  • Green to the ground

Refill the Hot Tub Pump

When you started the process of replacing the hot tub pump, you have drained the hot tub. However, once you have installed the new pump, fill the hot tub with water. Open the valves and flood the pump with water.  However, don’t connect the hot tub with power.

Inspect the Hot Tub Thoroughly

Before restarting the hot tub, inspect the hot tub thoroughly.

  • Properly observe the installation of the pump to see if everything is connected properly.
  • Clean and mop-up the spilled water.
  • Reconnect the power of the hot tub.
  • Set the moderate temperature of the hot tub.
  • Wait for a few hours so that the spa could reach to the ideal temperature.
  • Once, it reaches to the ideal temperature, it is all set to give you excellent hydrotherapy.

Some FAQs About the Hot Tub Pump

What Size Pump Do You Need for Your Hot Tub?

Different models of the hot tubs have different size hot tub jets and therefore, there is no specific size and dimensions fixed for all the hot tub pumps. If the hot tub has large jets then it needs 1/ 4 HP per jet. Moreover, if you want to replace the hot tub pump, note down the model and specifications of the pump and get similar to that model.

Should Your Hot Tub Pump Run all the Time?

China Royal Spa suggests running the hot tub pump 8 hours per day. However, you must ensure the safety measures that shut down the pump automatically.

How Do You Know If Your Hot Tub Pump is Working?

If there is no sound of your pump, it means it is running perfectly fine. The quiet operation is an indication of the smooth running of the hot tub pump. However, the loud noise, gurgling and humming in the hot tub pump are indications of a problem. If you hear such noise, you have to repair or replace the pump at the earliest.

How Long Does the Hot Tub Pump Last?

The hot tub pump lasts for 5 to 10 years. However, with proper care and maintenance, it can last longer than this. If you want to enjoy the smooth running of the spa pump, the China Royal Spa suggests to proper and scheduled maintenance.

Can I Add a Pump in the Hot Tub?

Many new users ask this question that if they can add an additional pump in the hot tub for the excellent flow. The answer is No, you cannot add the additional pump in the hot tub. If you do so, it will ruin the hot tub quality and the effect the hot tub life.

Why Do Some Hot Tub Have Two Pumps?

Some hot tubs have one pump with two different speed ranges. However, in some cases the hot tub models have two different pumps with a single speed range. One pump has a low speed that uses less energy and circulates the water. However, the second one has a high speed, uses more energy, and circulates the water through hot tub jets.

Can I Upgrade My Spa Pump?

Many new users ask this question that if they can upgrade the spa pump to increase the flow and circulation. The answer is NO, you cannot upgrade the spa pump. If you want to replace the pump, get the same models of the pump.

Is there a Reset Button in the Hot Tub Pump?

Yes, the hot tub pump has an upper-limit hot tub button.

Do Hot Tubs Have Two Pumps?

Multiple models of the hot tubs are available in the market. Different models have a different number of pumps. Some of them have a single pump with a variable speed range. However, some models have two pumps with a single speed. So, the number of pumps depends upon the spa model.

Do You Have to Drain the Hot Tub Pump Before Replacing the Hot Tub Pump?

Yes, you need to completely drain the hot tub pump before starting the process of hot tub pump replacement.

How Do you Know If Your Hot Tub Pump has Two speed?

Check the user manual if you want to know whether the hot tub pump has a single speed or two speed ranges. If there is only one number, it’s a one speed pump. However, if there are two numbers, it’s a two-speed pump.

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