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About China Royal Spa

As a hot tub and swim spa manufacturer since 1999, China Royal Spa is one of the leading and professional manufacturers for supplying hot tub and swim spa in China. To ensure quality professionalism, China Royal Spa owns 35000 square meter factory and 200 workers to exclusively manufacture hot tub and swim spa.

With its high-quality products, China Royal Spa has developed a long relationship with many dealers in Europe and can sell over 6000 pcs hot tubs and swim spas per year. CE, CB, SAA, RoHS, ETL, and ISO approved.

Moreover, China Royal Spa produces hot tub and swim spa with the first-class raw materials, such as USA Aristech Acrylic, USA Balboa Control, Canada Gecko Control, LX pumps etc.

China Royal Spa tries the best to help dealers to sell more hot tubs and swim spas, and its dealers are getting successful in the market. The management welcome to join the China Royal Spa family.

China Royal Spa offers OEM and ODM service. You can get a hot tub or swim spa according to your need to manufacture a hot tub or swim Spa.

China Royal Spa’s professional sales team will help you 24/7 during the whole purchase process of hot tub and swim spa.

China Royal Spa’s primary goal is to manufacture a high-performance hot tub and swim spas that exceed customer expectations in terms of quality and reliability.

Additionally, China Royal Spa helps its customers to relax and enjoy the aquatic activity. It won its customers’ trust with dependable, innovative, reliable, durable, unique, and outstanding products. Become a part of China Royal Spa’s family for a fantastic lifetime experience.

Factory Manufacturing Strength

  • 12,000+PCS Hot Tub Per Year
  • 35,000㎡ Factory Space
  • 75+ PCS Hot Tub Design
  • 8 Workshops
  • 80+ Export Country & District

How to Produce A High Quality Hot Tub &
Swim Spa?

China Royal Spa has been committed to supply modern, innovative and high-quality hot tub and swim spa to meet different customer’s need to ensure that they have an unparalleled spa experience over the years.

China Royal Spa has 8 workshops that include thermoforming, cutting polishing, hardware, installation, water testing, and woodworking, packing and quality inspection. With a full production line, it has forming machine, electric welding machine, air compressor, recycling electric heating furnace, constant temperature furnace, cutting machine, table saw, short-cut jetting machine to produce high quality product for you.

All our hot tubs and swim spas are manufactured according to strict ISO9001:2008 and 6S Quality Management System.

Our Mission
China Royal Spa aims to let every family afford their hot tub, enjoy the spa fun all year round. its professionals pay full attention to the designs, features, durability, and reliability of swim Spa and hot tubs because they are committed to delivering the best and high-quality products. Place your order to enjoy, and they will take care of the rest.
Always Innovation
The right raw materials and exemplary craftsmanship ensure a high-quality hot tub and swim Spa for you. It does not only have many new designs but also improves its technology every year. The updated technology and innovative designs of China Royal Soa give you a lifetime experience.
Always Close to You
You can get useful advice from their professional sales team when you want to buy a hot tub or swim Spa. Additionally, you can communicate your ideas and preferences to their professional team, and they will design a customized product for you.

Customize Your Hot Tub & Swim Spa with Your Requirement & Our Perfect Production Technology

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