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Quality Control

China Royal Spa has passed ISO9001 quality control certificate. Its hot tub and swim spa are certificate by CE, CB, SAA, RoHS, ETL and other international standards. With the advanced hot tub production equipment and testing devices, China Royal spa provides the best hot tub and swim spa to the customer who look for high quality hot tub.

Moreover, the strict and well-developed quality management system of China Royal Spa covers the whole process from design and production to shipment and customer after sale service that ensure you can get a high quality hot tub and swim spa from our factory.

The goal of China Royal Spa’s team is to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. They offer you their high-quality products, including hot tubs and swim spas. It gives a 100% guarantee of safety, quality, and reliability. Try the high-quality hot tubs and swim spas to reduce the risk of warranty.

China royal Spa has a professional team and won customers’ trust with their 20 years of services. For 20 years, they have been delivering hot tubs and swim spas and maintaining a high-quality check of their products.

Raw Material Inspection

Raw Material Inspection

China Royal Spa staff follows a strict quality inspection process for each raw material, such as a hot tub and swim spa shell, skirt, pump, jet, control system, etc. It ensures that the raw material is reliable and without any damage.

China Royal Spa gets the raw material from reliable firms and makes high-quality products from the raw material.

Acrylic Shell Surface Inspection

Manufacturing of spa and hot tubs involves heating of acrylic and afterward placing it over a mold.

The process of heating and placing over-mold is very sensitive and critical. Therefore, the professionals of China Royal Spa look after the process with great care to avoid any damage.

However, When the hot tub is formed, the professionals’ team will check whether the acrylic surface is cracked or has bubbles.

China Royal Spa ensures high quality, durable, attractive, and energy-efficient sheets for swim spa and hot tubs.

Acrylic Shell Surface Inspection
Vinyl Ester and Fiberglass Layer Inspection

Vinyl Ester and Fiberglass Layer Inspection

The process of making a hot tub involves vinyl spray and polish of dull sandpaper. China Royal Spa produces high-quality hot tubs. Therefore, it looks after the whole process.

To ensure the high quality of hot tubs, the professionals of China Royal Spa spray Vinyl ester, fiberglass, and mountain flour on each hot tub body. After completing the process of spray, they polished it with dull sandpaper.

Each hot tub has a total six-layer, and it has about 8mm thickness that is perfect for serving the purpose of a hot tub.

PU Insulation Foam Inspection

The insulation effect is vital for the adequate performance of hot tubs. Therefore, each hot tub body has a cover of 25-30mm thick foam. It helps in saving energy and money.

On account of its energy-saving function, it is environment friendly. Additionally, the foam insulation helps the hot tub to work effectively in freezing weather.

Therefore, China Royal Spa keeps all the precautions for insulation effects and ensures high-quality insulated hot tubs.

Hot tub
Hot Tub

Drilling Jet Holes Inspection

The quality inspector will check the position of the jet hole is correct or not, and every jet hole need to polish.

Electric and Water Pipe Inspection

Electric and water pipes are the essential components of the hot tubs and swim spa. Therefore, efficiency is vital.

The team of professionals checks every electrical component of hot tubs and swim spa.

In addition to checking the electrical component, China Royal Spa uses imported blue glue and clamps them with stainless steel clamps to reduce leakage.

Hot Tub
Water Testing Inspection

Water Testing Inspection

To avoid production mistakes, the team of China Royal Spa checks the hot tubs and Swim Spas. They Check each tub twice with full water for 24 hours. They test twice to ensure 100% quality and avoid any leakage.

With this comprehensive check and balance and quality assurance system, there is no chance of leakage and damage.

Packing Inspection

Clean and functional products are the priority of the China Royal Spa. Therefore, before packing, workers will adequately check the products.

After complete satisfaction, they pack the hot tubs and swim spas. The robust steel pallet keeps the hot tub safe during shipping and transportation.

Hot Tub Packing

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