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Royal Spa is a professional swim spa manufacturer in China for over 2 decades. Royal Spa is the largest manufacturer of all types of 4m and 6m swim spa in China. We have a large collection of hot tub and swim spa designs that you can choose. We can enlarge and generate our swim spa based on your design and need.

Royal Swim spas combine hot tubs and swimming pools function together. You only need 4 or 6 meters of space to build a luxury swimming pool spa in your courtyard or garden.

You can enjoy unlimited swimming freely and at the same time create laughter and health for yourself and your family in an energetic and beautiful space.

Setting up a swimming pool is very expensive and time-consuming. According to the survey, people use the swimming pool for 4 months in a year. So you don’t want to spend more money for these short times use of a swimming pool.

We think a swim spa is your solution here. This will reduce your costs. Most importantly, you can use it at any time of the year. In addition to swimming, you can also use it for body massage and exercise.

There are so many similarities between the hot tub and swim spa. You can call it a swim spa or swimming pool or hot tub which is at least two body lengths long basically. It has so many features like a strong current that flows towards you continuously.

As a result, you can swim without moving forward. Some of the swim spas have strong jets for using as a hot tub. If you want to know more about the swim spa, please contact us.

We are waiting to talk to you. We always accept customer’s advice for ensuring 100% satisfaction.

Luxury & Exclusive Standard
Swim Spa Specification

China Royal Spa’s swim spa like the hot tub and outdoor spa that provide a very good hot spring water environment. It integrates a variety of spa function including water hydro therapy, air bubble therapy, aroma therapy, water thermal therapy, led lighting therapy, music therapy etc.

Just tell us what swimming pool size, shell and skirt color and spa option do you like and let’s get started right now!

Each China Royal Spa’s swim spa design has 15 kinds main standard specification that offer you a high-quality swim spa in competitive price.

Acrylic Material
Electric Safe
Bottom Anti-skid
Water Saving
Massage Adjustable
Anti-freezing system
Corner Drainer
Air Bubble Massage
Water surfing Massage
Energy-saving Design
Intelligent Control Panel
Waterproof Design
Automatic Circulation Filtering
Heater Flow Protection System
Safe Packing

Family    Hotels   Gym Centers    Holiday Villa     Sauna Center

There are three most important elements when you considering purchasing a swim spa. The three elements are the size of the unit, the capacity, and the current flowing rate.

The size of a swim spa depends on the size of the place you have. If you have less space in your home, you can set up it in your garden. Your product must match your space. The China Royal Spa has product customization facilities. You can choose your best product from us.

Our survey says that people use swim spa for body relaxation than exercise. Thus, product length is a very important issue in this case. We are offering attractive model products of different lengths which are easily able to give you physical peace.

Most swimming spas are between 6.5 and 7.5 feet wide. So if you want to practice-wide swimming like a butterfly stroke then you must buy a large size spa.

Tall people should purchase a deep spa. We have the deepest spa of different models. Contact us today to buy the best product of your choice.

Some spas have two seats, some have one. On the other hand, a small one may have no seat. So you should buy your best one according to your needs.

The current flowing rate is the most important part of the swim spa. You can enjoy swimming with the perfect flow of current. The China Royal Spa is very reliable in this sector.


Speed control
Are you looking for a variety of swimming strokes? You need our Royal products if your answer is yes. Your kids can enjoy it properly by controlling the flow of currents.

Temperature control
You might not like too much-heated water in the swim spa. Our product has a great temperature control system. China Royal swim spa is best for enjoying naturally heated water.

We have designed our swim spa with comfortable seats and powerful Jets. High definition powerful Jets are suited for your body relaxation.

If you are preparing to use your swim spa at night, your spa needs underwater lights. We have featured our products with high volume LEDs for your safe swimming at night.

Your China Royal swim spa needs to be covered when it is not in use. All our product has this beautiful feature.

Some swim spa has extraordinary facilities of the self-cleaning system. If you’re looking for a stress-free and comfortable experience, consider our products with this valuable feature.

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Acrylic Swim Spas Full-customized Solution China Royal Spa Manufacture Swim Spas with Every Customer Explicit Requirement.

  • Up to 5 Years Warranty
  • Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
  • 24 Hours Water Clean & Disinfection
  • Work Silence
  • Strong Massage
  • Spa Seat Meet Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to Operate Maintain
  • No MOQ

Swim Spa manufacturer designs and manufacture swim spas and hot tubs for thousands of users around the world.  They provide swim spa and hot tub according to the demands and needs of the users. Various swim spa manufacturing companies are working worldwide and swim spas with multiple sizes, shapes, design, and seating capacity that the users can choose according to their demands, needs, and preferences.

The swim spa manufacturer provides high-quality swim spa, hot tub, and various other aquatic products to make your life comfortable and exciting. The swim spa gives you enough space for swimming, hot tub gives you ample space for immersion and hydrotherapy. While various other products and accessories could enhance your spa experience.

What are the Products of the Swim Spa Manufacturer?

Swim spa manufacturer designs the products for the user’s comfort and relaxation and to offer them some aquatic activities. You can get the high-quality swim spa, hot tub, and other spa and hot tub accessories from the swim spa manufacturer. Do you want to know the details about the swim spa manufacturer products, keep on reading to get all the details.

The Swim Spa by Swim Spa Manufacturer

The swim spa are vast spas with a powerful and relaxing jet system to give you the hydrotherapy and massage. Moreover, the swim spas provide you enough space for swimming. So, if you want to enjoy swimming and hydrotherapy at the same time, get the swim spa to get the ultimate comfort and enjoyment.

The Seating Capacity of the Swim Spa

  • 1-2 person swim spa
  • 2-3 person swim spa
  • 3-4 person swim spa
  • 4-5 person swim spa
  • 5-6 person swim spa
  • 6-7 person swim spa
  • 7-8 person swim spa
  • 8-10 person swim spa
  • 10-12 person swim spa

The Specifications of the Swim Spa

Immersing and swimming in the warm spa water will be a much more fun if you do it at your home in your private space without any disturbance. Apart from giving you a chance to swim and be immersed in warm water, the swim spa has excellent specifications. The most prominent specifications of the swim spa are as follows.

Vast Interior Seating and Swimming Capacity

You get the swim spa to enjoy swimming along with the advanced hydrotherapy. Therefore, the swim spas have a vast and spacious interior that allows you to swim in the warm spa water. Moreover, the seating space is also wide and comforting enough to give the users enough space to maintain a good posture while getting hydrotherapy. No matter which size and seating capacity you get, the swim spa offers you enough space to have some aquatic activities.

The Perfect Water Current for Swimming

Many users ask the question that if they can really swim in the swim spa. Of course, they can because the swim spa manufacturer designs the swim spa with a perfect water current to give the user an ideal flow for the swimming. Get the swim spa, and you will get the feeling as you are swimming in the open natural waters or lake or river. So, if you want to get a private space for swimming, the swim spa manufacturer could design the best spa for you.

The Jet System for Hydrotherapy

Apart from offering you enough and wide space for swimming, the swim spa also offers you an advanced jet system to give you a powerful and deep massage. To give the users an advanced massage and hydrotherapy, the jets are strategically installed in the swim spa seats. Moreover, to adjust the massage pressure, you can adjust the jet pressure. Some models of the swim spa also come with the focused massage feature that gives a deep massage on your targeted muscles.

Therefore, if you and your friends and family have different interests, some want to swim. In contrast, others want to immerse and soak in the warm spa water to get the hydrotherapy, get the swim spa from any swim spa manufacturer.

The Perfect Temperature for Hydrotherapy and Swimming

The ideal and perfect temperature is one of the best specifications of the swim spa, because the ideal temperature nourishes the body and gives you various other health advantages. The swim spa offers you a perfect water temperature. Moreover, you can set the water temperature according to your preferences and health conditions. The heating system of the swim spa is efficient enough that it could give you an ideal temperature even during the winters and perfect for the outdoor installation of the swim spa. So, if you want a perfect water temperature for swimming and hydrotherapy, get the swim spa from the swim spa manufacturer.

The Insulation for Protection and Heat Maintenance

The high-quality insulation is another vital specification of the swim spa. The swim spa has a high-quality insulation to protect the internal components and features of the swim spa and to reduce the heat reduction. With a high-quality insulation system, the swim spa could retain the heat for a longer time and hence it helps in reducing the running cost of the swim spa.

The Long Lasting Exterior

Apart from the internal components the exterior of the swim spa is also a vital specification that you should look for while purchasing the spa. The swim spa manufacturer swim spa has a durable and reliable exterior to give the users the best and lifetime experience. Various exterior material options are available such as rotomolded, vinyl and acrylic. Each of the materials has its pros and cons. However, the acrylic material is the best among these three and could last for a more extended time. Therefore, get an acrylic material swim spa from the swim spa manufacturer and get a life long experience.

The Hot Tubs of Swim Spa Manufacturer

Sitting and immersing in the warm tub water to get the hydrotherapy after a long and tiring day  sound so relaxing and soothing. Therefore, the swim spa manufacturer designs the hot tubs to give the users an advanced hydrotherapy and massage.

What Types of Hot Tub You can Get From the Swim Spa Manufacturer?

The swim spa manufacturer designs and builds multiple types of the hot tubs. If you want to have a hot tub you will have the following options.

  • The small sized hot tub
  • The medium sized hot tub
  • The large sized hot tub
  • The indoor hot tub
  • The outdoor hot tub
  • The built-in hot tub
  • The above ground hot tub
  • The inflatable hot tub

The Dimensions of the Hot Tub of Swim Spa Manufacturer

Hot tubs provide advanced massage and hydrotherapy to the users, but apart from that the hot tubs of the hot tub manufacturer have multiple other features. Some vital dimensions of the hot tubs are as follows.

Comforting Seats of the Hot Tubs

Seats are vital to give the users a comforting and relaxing massage. If the seats are not comfortable, the users will not enjoy hydrotherapy and massage. Therefore, the hot tub manufacturer designs soothing and relaxing seats of the hot tubs. No matter, if you get a small, medium, large, or any other hot tub, you will relaxing seats to immerse in the warm water. The seats offer you headrest for the users to give them a comforting posture to relax after a long and tiring day.

The Soothing Hydrotherapy

This is one of the most essential feature of the hot tub. The swim spa manufacturer design a hot tub that gives you a relaxing and comforting massage to bring relaxation to each and every tiring and stiff muscle. Sit in the hot tub to nourish your body and to forget the pain of a long and tiring day.

The Nourishing Water Effects

People are aware of the ultimate effects of the hydrotherapy and aquatic activities. Therefore, swim spa manufacturer designs the hot tub that gives nourishing impacts of warm water to your body and muscles. You can set the hot tub temperature to get the ultimate effects of the massage. The warm water not only give you hydrotherapy, but also gives you a clean and smooth skin.

Various Accessories

Swim spa manufacturer designs the hot tubs not only to give you a warm massage and hydrotherapy, but they want to enhance your mood and mental health. Therefore, the swim spa manufacturer’s hot tubs have various accessories. If you love to sit in beautiful lights, the hot tubs have beautiful and colorful lights for you to give you a hydrotherapy. If you want to enjoy music and your favorite playlist, get the hot tub that is equipped with music and Bluetooth. Moreover, if you love fragrances, some models of the hot tubs have the aromatherapy for you.

The Clean Environment

People get the hot tubs because they want to enjoy hydrotherapy and massage in a clean and hygienic environment in their private space. Therefore, a swim spa manufacturer designs the hot tub with excellent water treatment systems that could give you 100% clean water during immersion. So, what are you waiting for? Get the hot tub and enjoy all these benefits in your own comforting place.

Portable Hot Tub and Swim Spa

Swim spa manufacturer designs the portable hot tubs are inflatable hot tubs and swim spa. You can move the spa and hot tub, wherever you want to. If you plan to move to a new installation area, you can get the portable hot tub and swim spa and give you the best experience.

Exercise Swim Spa and Hot Tub

The swim spa manufacturer designs an exercise hot tub and swim spa for the users who love to have some aquatic workout to stay fit and tone their bodies.

The exercise swim spa gives you enough space to the users for swimming. Apart from swimming area, the exercise swim spa gives you perfect water current to do the workout. Swimming is one of the best cardio that you can do to lose the body fat and the exercise swim spa by swim spa  manufacturer gives you an equal opportunity to do the aquatic workout. If you and your friends want to do the exercise together, get a medium to large sized exercise swim spa and have fun with your friends.

Merits and Demerits of the Exercise Swim Spa and Hot Tub

Merits of the Exercise Swim Spa and Hot Tub

Aquatic Workout

The exercise hot tubs and swim spas give you an opportunity to have some aquatic workouts that will be helpful in losing weight and body toning. Moreover, if you get a medium to extensive sized exercise swim spa and hot tub you will get a chance to do the aquatic workouts with your friends and family.

Weight Loss

The exercise hot tub and swim spa with unique and excellent specifications and interior help you in losing weight. So, if you are struggling to lose weight and wanted to achieve your ideal BMI, the exercise swim spa and hot tub could be the best choice for you.

Your Private Gym

If you get an exercise hot tub, it will become your private gym and you don’t have to go to the gym and public saunas to have the aquatic workouts. It will offer you a comforting ambience along with a space to do the aquatic exercise in your own personal area.

Comforting Place

The exercise swim spa and hot tub provides you a comfortable environment to sit and immerse in the warm water to get the hydrotherapy. So, if you feel tired after doing swimming and other aquatic workouts, you can sit on the massaging seats of the swim spa to get the advanced massage to relax your tense and stiff muscles.

Demerits of the Exercise Swim Spa and Hot Tub

High Purchasing Cost

The exercise swim spa has excellent features and gives you enough space for swimming and immersing, therefore, the purchasing cost of the exercise swim spa and hot tub will be higher than the regular swim spa and hot tub. If you have a small or a tight budget, China Royal Spa suggests getting the regular swim spa from any swim spa manufacturer.

The Maintenance Cost

If you get a medium sized swim spa and hot tub to do aquatic workout, you have to share it with other and to keep the spa water clean, you have to add additional chemicals and sanitizers in the spa water and it will increase the maintenance cost of the exercise swim spa and hot tub.

Swim Spa Treadmill

To make the exercise swim spa one of the best swim spa, the swim spa manufacturer designs swim spa treadmill to give the users some serious workout activities while sitting and immersing in the warm spa water. The aquatic workouts could be much more effective and help you in losing weight and toning your body. Apart from losing weight, the aquatic workouts could help you in enhancing your joint health and help you in fighting the joint and muscles pain.

However, the aquatic treadmill is not designed for  the beginners, if you are an expert you can get the swim spa treadmill to do a workout in the soothing ambience of the swim spa. To get the best result of the aquatic workouts, you have to do it for minimum 15-20 minutes.

Swim Spa Gazebos

Gazebos are the small enclosures that are designed to protect the swim spa and hot tubs. You can get the swim spa gazebo according to your taste and preferences. The gazebo does not only covers the swim spa and hot tub from the climatic and weather conditions, but it also increases the beauty and ambience of the swim spa and hot tub. You can get permanent and temporary enclosures. Moreover, multiple material options are available, such as the plastic material, wooden enclosure, and the cemented and constructed enclosures.

Some FAQs About the Swim Spa Manufacturer

What are Some Renowned Swim Spa Manufacturers?

Multiple swim spa manufacturers and companies are working in the market and designing the swim spa to meet the demands and needs of the users. However, if you want to get the swim spa and hot tub from the renowned swim spa manufacturers, get them from the following brands

  • The China Royal Spa
  • Hydro Pool Swim Spa
  • The Arctic Swim Spa
  • The Endless Pool
  • Master Spas
  • PDC Swim Spas

Who is the Best Swim Spa Manufacturer?

Various swim spa brands are manufacturing the swim spa and hot tubs. However, if you want to know which is the best swim spa manufacturers, China Royal Spa is one of the best and emerging swim spa manufacturers. You can get multiple models of the swim spa with excellent qualities and dimensions from the China Royal Spa. Additionally, the swim spas are available in various sizes and you can get according to your needs. Moreover, the China Royal Spa also offers you the customized swim spa and hot tubs. Tell the Royal Spa team your demands, preferences and conditions and the professionals will design a high-quality customized swim spa for you.

Which Swim Spa Manufacturer Makes the Largest Swim Spa and Hot Tub?

If you want to know which swim spa and hot tub is the largest among all. The Aqualap is the largest swim spa that you can get to sit, immerse and swim in the warm spa water.

Does Swim Spa Manufacturer Design Swim Spa for Winters?

A swim spa is your one-time investment and you get it because you want to get the ultimate benefits of hydrotherapy and swimming round the year. Therefore, the swim spa manufacturer designs the swim spa that is perfectly efficient for the winters and give you an ideal temperature even during the severe winters.  The swim spa has an efficient heating system and the high-quality insulation that keep the spa water warm during the winters, so that you can use it throughout the year.

Does the Swim Spa Manufacturer Design the Swim Spa for Swimming?

Swimming is one of the best cardio that you can do to lose weight and if you want to do it in your personal space, get the swim spa because the swim spa manufacturer designs the swim spa to give you an ideal space and perfect water current for swimming.

Which Swim Spa Manufacturer Offers Customized Swim Spa and Hot tub?

Multiple size ranges and seating capacity are available in the market to satisfy the demands and tastes of the users. However, if you want to get a customized  swim spa and hot tub, you can get from the China Royal Spa. You can get customized color, seating capacity, design, number and installation of jets and the accessories of the swim spa and hot tub. Tell your demands and needs to the China Royal Spa to get your customized swim spa and hot tub at the earliest.

Do Swim Spa Manufactures Designs Swim Spa and Hot Tub to Increase the Home Value?

The swim spa manufacturers know that swim spa and hot tubs are your one-time investment, and many users consider the spa and tubs as their property. Therefore, the swim Spa manufacturer design the swim spa and hot tub that could enhance your home value. If you want to add and increase your home value, you can get the built-in swim spa and hot tub to install it indoors or outdoors wherever you want to.

Do Swim Spa Manufacturers Design the Swim Spa and Hot Tub Accessories?

Many accessories are considered as the built-in accessories, and almost every model of the swim spa and hot tub has those accessories. However, there are some additional accessories such as the spa umbrella, spa steps, lights, LED screen, swim spa treadmill and the spa cover. These accessories do not come with the swim spa and hot tubs, but many swim spa manufacturers design and deliver such products and accessories. So, you can get these from the swim spa manufacturer.

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