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Royal Swim spas combine hot tubs and swimming pools function together. You only need 4 or 6 meters of space to build a luxury swimming pool spa in your courtyard or garden.

You can enjoy unlimited swimming freely and at the same time create laughter and health for yourself and your family in an energetic and beautiful space.

Setting up a swimming pool is very expensive and time-consuming. According to the survey, people use the swimming pool for 4 months in a year. So you don’t want to spend more money for these short times use of a swimming pool.

We think a swim spa is your solution here. This will reduce your costs. Most importantly, you can use it at any time of the year. In addition to swimming, you can also use it for body massage and exercise.

There are so many similarities between the hot tub and swim spa. You can call it a swim spa or swimming pool or hot tub which is at least two body lengths long basically. It has so many features like a strong current that flows towards you continuously.

As a result, you can swim without moving forward. Some of the swim spas have strong jets for using as a hot tub. If you want to know more about the swim spa, please contact us.

We are waiting to talk to you. We always accept customer’s advice for ensuring 100% satisfaction.

Luxury & Exclusive Standard
Swim Spa Specification

China Royal Spa’s swim spa like the hot tub that provide a very good hot spring water environment. It integrates a variety of spa function including water hydro therapy, air bubble therapy, aroma therapy, water thermal therapy, led lighting therapy, music therapy etc.

Just tell us what swimming pool size, shell and skirt color and spa option do you like and let’s get started right now!

Each China Royal Spa’s swim spa design has 15 kinds main standard specification that offer you a high-quality swim spa in competitive price.

Acrylic Material
Electric Safe
Bottom Anti-skid
Water Saving
Massage Adjustable
Anti-freezing system
Corner Drainer
Air Bubble Massage
Water surfing Massage
Energy-saving Design
Intelligent Control Panel
Waterproof Design
Automatic Circulation Filtering
Heater Flow Protection System
Safe Packing

Family    Hotels   Gym Centers    Holiday Villa     Sauna Center

There are three most important elements when you considering purchasing a swim spa. The three elements are the size of the unit, the capacity, and the current flowing rate.

The size of a swim spa depends on the size of the place you have. If you have less space in your home, you can set up it in your garden. Your product must match your space. The China Royal Spa has product customization facilities. You can choose your best product from us.

Our survey says that people use swim spa for body relaxation than exercise. Thus, product length is a very important issue in this case. We are offering attractive model products of different lengths which are easily able to give you physical peace.

Most swimming spas are between 6.5 and 7.5 feet wide. So if you want to practice-wide swimming like a butterfly stroke then you must buy a large size spa.

Tall people should purchase a deep spa. We have the deepest spa of different models. Contact us today to buy the best product of your choice.

Some spas have two seats, some have one. On the other hand, a small one may have no seat. So you should buy your best one according to your needs.

The current flowing rate is the most important part of the swim spa. You can enjoy swimming with the perfect flow of current. The China Royal Spa is very reliable in this sector.


Speed control
Are you looking for a variety of swimming strokes? You need our Royal products if your answer is yes. Your kids can enjoy it properly by controlling the flow of currents.

Temperature control
You might not like too much-heated water in the swim spa. Our product has a great temperature control system. China Royal swim spa is best for enjoying naturally heated water.

We have designed our swim spa with comfortable seats and powerful Jets. High definition powerful Jets are suited for your body relaxation.

If you are preparing to use your swim spa at night, your spa needs underwater lights. We have featured our products with high volume LEDs for your safe swimming at night.

Your China Royal swim spa needs to be covered when it is not in use. All our product has this beautiful feature.

Some swim spa has extraordinary facilities of the self-cleaning system. If you’re looking for a stress-free and comfortable experience, consider our products with this valuable feature.

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Acrylic Swim Spas Full-customized Solution China Royal Spa Manufacture Swim Spas with Every Customer Explicit Requirement.

  • Up to 5 Years Warranty
  • Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
  • 24 Hours Water Clean & Disinfection
  • Work Silence
  • Strong Massage
  • Spa Seat Meet Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to Operate Maintain
  • No MOQ
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