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China Royal Spa has over 20 years of hot tub and swim spa production experience. It sells a wide range of products to private, family, club, hotel, fitness center, sauna center, holiday villa, etc. The products have many hot tub and swim spa styles and various excellent features, which can fully meet different customers’ needs.

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Full body spa hydro massage system

Research shows the positive effects of water therapy and massage on health. Water therapy and water massage could help with stress, low back pain, sleeplessness, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps post-exercise recovery, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Therefore, through the research and tracking of thousands of hot tub users, China Royal Spa’s massage system covers most of the human body’s acupuncture points. In addition to the massage system, the seat meets an ergonomic design that can offer full-body spa hydro massage for you.

Innovative counter-current swimming system

Each swim spa has three wide river swim jets, whose water output is 1.5 times that of the ordinary jet. The water output of these jets gives you a feeling of swimming in the vast ocean. It’s Equipped with an independent powerful water pump at the same time. Moreover, its adjustable strength can meet the needs of clients of different age groups. Hence, it offers something enjoyable for everyone.

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Led light therapy system

China Royal Spa standard led light therapy system can help you relax and enhances your spa experience. Simultaneously, it can also relax your mood, add more romance to the environment, and improve the body’s metabolism and blood circulation. The LED lights in the hot tub and swim spa last longer and consume less energy than the conventional lights; therefore, you can save money and energy using the swim Spa from China Royal Spa.

Nordic energy saving system

China Royal Spa offer insulation foam for tub body, skirt and bottom base. If you need, you can add the additional insulation for the stainless steel frame too. Coupled with the warm cover, this integrated heat-locking technology can fully lock the heat in the hot tub water, it can help you save energy-saving, and energy-saving will help you in money-saving. So, your wallet will be grateful.

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hot tub with tv

Home theater system

Do you want to enjoy the swimming, bathing, and music simultaneously, then the swim Spa and hot tubs by China Royal Spa are the best options for you. All Royal Spa model is inbuilt with radio and speaker and Bluetooth system. You can freely enjoy your music and entertainment with other stereo options, such as TV, DVDs, and Subwoofer, etc.

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