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How to Buy and Care for a Hot Tub Cover?

After spending thousands of dollars purchasing the hot tub, you might be thinking about not getting the hot tub cover. But, you must have one for your spa. The hot tub cover is one of the things that quietly sit there and get its job done without being noticed. It is essential  for the smooth working of the spa, the best user experience and for the long life of your hot tub.

Many hot tub manufacturers deliver the cover along with the spa. If it’s a high-quality cover, it may last for a long time. However, if the quality is low and it doesn’t protect the spa from the weather effects you must replace it at the earliest. Therefore, the China Royal Spa suggests to always get a high-quality hot tub cover. However, if you don’t know what are the qualities of a high-quality cover, don’t worry! You are at the right place. The China Royal Spa prepared a complete guide about how to get the hot tub cover. However, once you get the cover, you have to properly take care of it to get the best experience. Therefore, we will guide you about how to properly take care of the spa.

So, without any delay, let’s start the discussion about how to buy and care for the hot tub cover?

How to Buy and Care for a Hot Tub Cover?

If you are a seasoned hot tub user, you might know the potential advantages of the spa cover and, you know, how essential it is to have a hot tub cover? However, if you are a new user, you might be thinking about why should I spend hundred of dollars on the spa cover? The China Royal Spa suggests getting a high-quality hot tub cover because it offers you the following benefits.

Why Should You Get the Hot Tub Cover?

Minimize Water Evaporation

To enjoy the best hot tub soak, you have to maintain the water level. Evaporation is the enemy of the water level in the spa. It decreases the water level and you have to refill it. The refilling, obviously, increase the running costs of the spa and get you into a panic. However, a hot tub cover could help you here. It decreases the water evaporation and helps in maintaining the water level. Moreover, it ultimately reduces the running cost and saves from the panic to refill the spa quite so often.

Maintain Heat at the Ideal Level

Though high-quality hot tubs have excellent insulations and keep the temperature at the ideal level for a longer time, however, if you leave the spa uncovered, it might lose heat over the time. Therefore a hot tub cover is essential.

A hot tub cover works as an additional layer of insulation and keeps the water at the ideal temperature for a longer time. Therefore, you must get a thick and high-quality hot tub cover to maintain the temperature of the spa.

Reduce the Chemical Loss

The evaporation does not just reduce the water level in the spa, but it also causes chemical loss. When you refill the spa, you have to add additional chemicals and sanitisers in the water. It ultimately increases the running and maintenance cost of the spa. However, if you get a high-quality hot tub cover, it will decrease the water evaporation and reduce the chemical loss.

Keep the Water Clean and Immune from Impurities

The best thing about the hot tub cover is that it keeps the water clean and hygienic, and free from impurities. It is even more vital if you have an outdoor hot tub. The cover keeps the dirt and dust out of the spa. Moreover, it is equally essential for an indoor hot tub. It reduces the loss. Imagine you are walking by the hot tub and lose your grip on your smartphone or tab. Oh! It just goes into the hot tub. However, if you have a covered hot tub you can easily avoid such loss.

Increases the Life of the Hot Tub

Above all, a hot tub cover increases the life of the spa. It keeps the hot tub safe from the physical damages. The cover keeps the spa safe from the climatic effects. It works as a barrier against the sunlight, rain, snowfall and storms. If you keep the spa uncovered, these climatic effects directly hit the spa and cause damage to it. Of course, you don’t want to ruin your thousand dollar investment. Therefore, China Royal Spa suggests to get a high-quality hot tub cover at the earliest.

The Things You Must Look into While Buying the Hot Tub Cover

You know how vital it is to have a high-quality hot tub cover? You must be thinking about getting the hot tub cover as soon as possible. However, there are certain things that you must consider before buying the hot tub cover.

Hot Tub Cover

The Hot Tub Shape

The first thing that you must consider before buying the hot tub cover is the shape of the hot tub. Hot tub covers are designed differently for different shapes. First, identify the shape of the spa, whether it is square, rectangular, triangular or circular and then get the cover accordingly.

The Size of the Hot Tub

Another most essential factor that you must look into before buying the hot tub cover is the size of your hot tub. Numerous hot tub sizes are available in the market. You may have a small, medium or large sized hot tub. The China Royal Spa suggests always to get a cover that fits properly on your spa. Otherwise, it won’t serve the purpose.

Thickness of the Foam

Apart from evaluating the size and shape of the hot tub cover, it would be best if you looked into the qualities of the spa cover. The China Royal Spa suggests looking into the thickness of the hot tub cover. The hot tub cover foams come in various degrees. It would be best if you got the one that is thick to protect the spa infrastructure and heat. The Royal Spa suggests to get a cover that has a 3 to 6 inch foam thickness.

The Density of the Foam

In addition to thickness of the foam, the density is also vital to consider before  buying spa cover. The foam density often ranges between one pound, one and a half pound and two pounds. The Royal Spa suggests to get a cover with denser foam because the more the density, the more it will retain the heat in the spa.

 The Skin of the Hot Tub Cover

The China Royal Spa suggests getting a hot tub cover with a high-quality skin. While selecting the skin of the hot tub cover, you must look into the following factors.

  • It should be humidity resistant.
  • It should be moisture resistant.
  • It should be UV rays resistant to protect the spa from the damage.
  • It should keep the hot tub safe from the climatic effects.
  • The skin should complement the colour of your hot tub

You can get the cover made from vinyl. The vinyl cover has all the above-mentioned qualities to protect the spa. However, while purchasing the cover, consider the color of your hot tub. The cover should complement the spa cover to increase its beauty and look.

The Spa Cover Lifter

While purchasing the spa cover, make sure it could be lifted with a spa lifter. The dense and thick spa covers are heavy to lift and remove. If you remove them with hands, they could inflict your injuries and back pain. If you don’t have the cover, China Royal Spa suggests getting the one at the earliest. Numerous hot tub cover lifters are available in the market, and you can get the one according to the shape and size of your hot tub cover.

Hot Tub Cover Lifters

The Cover Reinforcements

China Royal Spa suggests to get the spa cover with reinforcement. You must get the cover that has reinforcements at the high-stress areas. It would be best to get a cover with steel reinforcement. Though, it will increase the cover weight, but it will obviously increase the life span of your spa cover.

The Additional Plastic Coating

Though the foam in the hot tub cover protects the spa’s inner heat and serves as the barrier against the weather and climatic effects, the high-quality hot tub covers have an additional plastic coating. It protects the spa from rain and heat. Moreover, it works as a vapour barrier and decreases the water evaporation from the spa.

The Cover Locks

The hot tub cover locks are an essential part of the high-quality hot tub cover. The hot tub covers have lock straps that keep the lock placed accurately over the spa.

How to Take Measurements of the Spa Cover?

If you are going to get the hot tub cover, the China Royal Spa suggests to take measurements twice before placing the order. A well fitted hot tub cover could serve the said purpose. Therefore, you must get accurate measurements of the spa cover. If you are a new user and don’t know how to take the measurements of the spa cover. The Royal Spa is here to rescue you. Take the spa measurements in the following ways.

How to Measure a Hot Tub Cover

Length Measurement

At first, take the measurements at the longest part of the spa. Make sure to measure the length from lip to lip. (From the inner acrylic shell) Do not take measurements at the outer edge of the cabinet. To get the accuracy, China Royal Spa suggests taking the measurements twice. If your hot tub is square, take the straight measurements and add one inch to the take measurements.

Width Measurement

After taking width measurements, take the width measurements. The process of measuring width is similar to the length measurement. Measure from lip to lip and measure twice before taking the final measurements. Note the final measurements after adding one inch to the taken measurements.

Measurement of the Corner Radius

The measurements of the corner radius are essential to get a fitted cover. Place the square framing or the ruler against your hot tub cover. The points where the hot tub touches the rules are the corner radius of the hot tub. Accurately note down the measurements.

The Skirt Measurements

The skirt covers the bottom area of the hot tub. Therefore, it must be long enough to cover the spa accurately. However, it must not be loose enough to have gaps between the cover and the spa. To get the accurate measurement of skirt, measure the spa from the top to the bottom of the cabinet.

Different Types of the Hot Tub Covers

The hot tub covers are available in the following three broader types, and you can choose what suits you the most.

Soft Hot Tub Covers

These hot tub covers are made with vinyl, and they provide basic level protection to the hot tub. The soft hot tub covers are relatively inexpensive than the other spa covers and suit the indoor hot tubs. However, the soft hot tub covers could not provide the essential protection to the outdoor spas. Moreover, they are not the perfect choice for the hot climate areas.

Hard Shell Hot Tub Covers

They are the most commonly used hot tub covers. Many hot tub users prefer these covers. They protect the hot tub from the climatic effects such as rain, heat and snowfall. They work as insulators and help in maintaining the ideal water temperature and reduce the running cost of the spa. Moreover, they are perfectly suitable for the indoor and outdoor spas.

Winter Hot Tub Covers

The winter hot tub covers are specifically designed for the users who want to winterize the hot tubs. You can use these covers in combination with the hard spa covers. They are best for the hot tubs to protect them from the harsh winters.

How to Maintain and Care for the Hot Tub Covers?

Once you get the hot tub cover to protect the hot tub, your half job is done. However, half of it is just started. You have to properly maintain and take care of the spa cover. You can take care of your spa cover in the following ways.

Use a Cover Cap

The cover caps are the covers for your hot tub cover. The Royal Spa suggests to get the cover cap because it protects the cover from climatic effects. It is made with tough and durable material that could endure the climatic effects and protects the cover for a longer time.

Clean the Hot Tub Regularly

Cleaning the hot tub cover is essential for its long life. Therefore, China Royal Spa suggests to clean the cover regularly. You must do the spa cover’s daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning to get the best results.

Daily Cleaning of the Spa Cover

The regular cleaning of the hot tub cover does not require a lot of efforts. Brush the hot tub cover to remove the dust and other dirt particles from the hot tub cover. You can clean the cover with a soft cloth and sponge as well. If it rains, clean and dries out the spa cover as soon as possible.

hot tub cover clean

Monthly Cleaning

Apart from cleaning the hot tub cover regularly. The China Royal Spa suggests doing a detailed cleaning of the hot tub cover in the following way.

Remove the cover from the hot tub. Keep it over a flat and smooth surface. Spry the cleaning product over the cover and rinse it or clean it according to the given instructions. Clean the cover bottom with the water and vinegar solution. Let it air dry before putting it over the spa.

Odour Issues

If you notice any sort of unpleasant odor from the hot tub cover, treat it immediately. The smell may be a sign of mould or mildew growth on the hot tub cover. You can remove the mould and mildew with water and vinegar. However, if the smell doesn’t go away, you  should disinfect the cover at the earliest. Various disinfection sprays are available in the market and you can get the one that suits you the most.

Apply Conditioner on the Hot Tub Cover

Apart from  the regular cleaning of the hot tub cover, China Royal Spa suggests to apply conditioner to the hot tub cover. The conditioner protects the cover from the UV rays of the sun. However, the UV rays could damage the color, material and texture of the spa cover. Therefore, you must keep the cover safe from the UV rays and apply the conditioner.

Prevent Mould, or Mildew on the Spa Cover

The hot tubs are moist and warm. Therefore, they provide the perfect environment for the mould and mildew growth. Therefore, you often check the cover, and if there is mould and mildew on the cover you must remove it at the earliest. To treat the mould and mildew over the spa cover, you can use the cleaning products available in the market.

Moreover, you can easily prevent the hot tub cover from catching mould or mildew. To avoid the mould or mildew, open the hot tub cover twice in a week. Let it dry under the sun and let it air dry. This will protect the cover against the mould. Moreover, keep the chemicals and sanitizers balanced in the spa water. The chemicals and sanitizers keep the cover safe from mould or mildew.

Protect the Cover from Chemicals

The hot tub chemicals and sanitizers are essential for the hot tub water. They keep the spa water clean and hygienic to give you the best immersion experience. However, over-chlorinated, over brominated and excessive ozone contact could inflict problems more than benefits. Therefore, you must add the right proportion of the chemicals and sanitizers in the spa water.

Moreover, once you add the chemicals and sanitizers in the spa, keep it uncovered for at least half an hour to circulate the chemicals thoroughly.

Some FAQs About the Hot Tub Cover

How Much Does a Hot Tub Cover Cost?

Various hot tub covers  are available in the market and you can get according to the size and shape of your hot tub. On average a  hot tub cover cost you between $350 to $500. However, the cost could be more or less than this depending upon the size, quality and the brand. To get the precise information about the hot tub cover cost, contact the local dealer of your area.

How Long Does a Spa Cover Last?

A hot tub cover could last for 5 to 7 years. However, if you take good care of it, the cover could last longer than this. Therefore, you must do proper cleaning and maintenance of the spa cover.

What is the Difference in the Hot Tub Cover?

The hot tub covers are different in quality and thickness. Some are high-quality covers with thick foam and plastic coating. While others are low-quality with thin foam and no plastic coating.

Why Do Spa Covers Become Waterlogged?

This is the most common issue that the hot tub users often face. The spa covers get waterlogged because the core foaming of the cover gets waterlogged. The water makes the cover heavy and affect its functions and lifespan.

Should a Hot Tub be Covered?

Yes, you must cover the hot tub. Whether, you have a small, medium or large sized hot tub, you must cover the spa with high-quality cover. A spa cover offers you the following benefits;

  • It keeps the water warm for a long time.
  • It protects the hot tub structure.
  • It helps the spa function smoothly.
  • It increases the life span of the hot tub.

What Can I Put on My Hot Tub Cover?

A hot tub cover is the protective layer for the hot tub. However, you must protect the cover from the climatic effects. You can put a vinyl  sheet or conditioner on the spa cover to protect it from the harsh weather.

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