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Name:Zeus spa model
Dimensions:2300 x 2300 x 950mm
Seating capacity:5 persons
Shell:USA Aristech Acrylic rigid bond six layers fusion system shell with insulation foam(30mm)
Skirt(cabinet):Weatherable Maintenance-free Synthetic skirt(cabinet)
Standard spa control:Royal computer control system with Radio and bluetooth function
Spa eater:1 x 3.0KW
Circulation pump:1 x 0.35HP
Massage pump:3 x 3.0HP
Air blower:1 x 700W
Water jet:132 PCS
Air jet:18 PCS
Led light:43 PCS
Ozone system:1 set / 50mg/h


The Zues hot tub model is equpped like the model Titans hot tub model.However,we have only one head-space,but two pleaant full boday loungers.The elegant planted iflter tesifies Royal Spa details.

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