Phoebe Swim Spa Model

This infinity pool from the Phoebe swim spa model is about 6 meters long and 2.3 meters wide. It integrates a hot tub and swimming, and can be installed in your small garden or courtyard! Its flexible construction method and smaller space occupation give you more freedom in planning the garden and swimming pool.

You can build your infinity swimming pool in the form of placement or pre-cast according to your preference or actual situation. The Phoebe spa model is equipped with 3 river jets that simulate natural turbulent flow, allowing you to experience the fun of infinity swimming. A

t the same time, its strength is adjustable and can be adapted to the speed of different swimmers, making you swim and fitness at home and enjoy life every day. The surf blast outlet creates a strong torrent of pool water in a limited space, allowing swimmers to swim in a reverse cycle so that people can swim without end, as if they are in the sea.

  • Size : 5800*2200*1490 mm
  • Seating capacity : 6
  • Lounge seats : 1
  • Jets : 103 PCS
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  • certificate1

Measurements (L*W*H)5800*2200*1490 mm
Reclining / Sitting place1 person / 6 persons
Net weight / Water volume1550KGS / 5560L
Shell (12mm)USA Aristech Acrylic
Skirt (cabinet)Weatherable Polymer Synthetic
PU insulation foam25 mm
Control boxUSA Balboa
Control panelUSA Balboa
Heater2 x 3 KW (Balboa)
Ozone generator with injector and mixer1 x 50 mg/h ; 1 x 1000 mg/h
Massage pump1 x 2.5 HP ; 2 x 2.0 HP; 3 x 3.0 HP
Air blower1 x 400W
Circulation pump2 x 0.5 HP
Water jet (stainless steel)95 PCS
Air jet (stainless steel)8 PCS
Headrest5 PCS
LED light70 PCS
Cartridge filter3 PCS
Suction12 PCS
Air valve7 PCS
Corner drain valve4 PCS
Spa bottom drain2 PCS

 Phoebe spa massage effect chart

Dimension & Equipment Layout of Phoebe Spa Model

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