How Much Does it Cost to Run a Hot Tub?

If you recently bought your hot tub or you have plans to buy a hot tub, then your most important question would be, how much does it cost to run a hot tub.?

You may think that it costs a lot of your budget to run a hot tub. However, the cost of running a hot tub is not as much as you think.

Moreover, the team of China Royal Spa is here to help you in this regard as well.

China Royal Spa have gathered some facts and information that will give you an idea about how much it costs to run the hot tub?

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Factors that Influence the Cost to Run a Hot Tub

The running cost of a hot tub depends upon three main factors

  • Electrical running cost.
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Water Care Cost

Electrical Cost of  Running a Hot Tub

The electrical cost to run a hot tub depends upon many other factors such as; outside temperature, how often you are using a hot tub and how long you are using a hot tub.

Additionally, it depends on the hot tub’s quality, additional accessories you are using, your preferred water temperature in a hot tub, and last but not least, your per unit electricity charges.

However, if you are using a hot tub 3 to 4 times a week for 40- 45 minutes, then the most energy-efficient hot tub costs you $1 per day and $50 per month.

If you choose a low-cost hot tub that is not energy efficient, it will raise your electricity cost.

Factors to Influence Energy Efficiency of a Hot Tub

The Structure of Hot Tub

The structure of the hot tub affects the cost of electricity. The heater of the hot tub could consume 1,500 watts to 6,000 watts depending upon its voltage).

Apart from the heater,  the Pumps, blower, and other electric components of a hot tub and the insulation quality also cause an increase in electricity cost.

Frequency of Use

More use of hot tub means more temperature loss, and to maintain a temperature and specific heating level, the hot tub consumes more energy. Therefore, the more you use, the more it will consume energy.

More Heat More Cost

Heating your hot tub will cost more energy consumption that results in high electricity costs. Therefore, the professional suggest you keep the temperature consistent and don’t fluctuate too often.

Water Replacement

Water replacement is suggested once in a while, and it is a part of regular maintenance.  When you drain and refill the hot tub, it will cause a rise in electricity cost.

Cover the Tub After Use

If you want to keep your electricity cost a little low, you must cover the hot tub with a well-insulated cover. The cover will keep the temperature uniform that will save energy and ultimately lead to low energy cost.

Maintenance Cost of a Hot tub

Although high-quality hot tubs give you a lifetime ownership experience, they need good service and maintenance once a year.

Good maintenance service costs you $200 per year. However, you need to be careful while choosing your hot tub’s maintenance service because unprofessional workers could ruin your hot tub.

Therefore, the Royal Spa suggests to always rely on professional workers for the hot tub’s maintenance and service.

Cost of Water Care products to Run a Hot Tub

China Royal Spa offers you hot tubs with a complete water care system.

However, if you want to take extra care of your hygiene and health, you can use water care products.

These water care products increase the cost of running a hot tub. Moreover, if you want t change the filter, you can change it with some extra money.

Total Cost to Run a Hot Tub

If you have good quality average size hot tub and you are using it for 30-40 minutes 3-4 times a week with the regular maintenance and water care products, then the annual cost of running a hot tub will be $1,000, and it is far less than the other luxury expenses.

Does it Really Worth Buying?

Most people consider the hot tub as a luxury item and think it’s not worth spending their money on it.

However, researches proved that aquatic therapy and water activity have remarkable effects on health. Hot tubs with their jets give you a feeling of a vast ocean.

Thermostat massage will release your muscle tension and relax your stiff muscles. Light therapy will enhance your mood.

Additionally, swimming will improve your metabolism, and you will notice positive effects on your mood, health and body.

Moreover, if you are tired of all the other fun activities and want to enjoy your family and friends, you can get hot tubs with multiple seats to enjoy an exceptional experience.

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How can I Keep the Cost Low to Run a Hot Tub?

The cost of running a hot tub rests in the hands of the owner as well. Therefore, if you have a hot tub and you want to keep the cost low, you should consider the following suggestions

  • Follow the instructions of the manufacturing company.
  • Get a high-quality hot tub.
  • Get a hot tub with reliable insulation material.
  • Always run a hot tub at a constant temperature.
  • Clean the hot tub’s filters regularly.
  • If you are not using a hot tub, keep it cover with a well-insulated cover.

The Hot Tubs of China Royal Spa

China Royal Spa offers you high-quality hot tubs with excellent insulation.

Therefore, they consume less energy, and their running cost is comparatively low than the running cost of other ordinary hot tubs.

So, if you want to enjoy and keep the cost of running a hot tub at a low level, then you must buy the high-quality hot tubs from China Royal Spa.

It offers a wide range with some fantastic spa designs and unique features. Hurry up! And place your order.

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