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Name:Hydra spa model
Dimensions:2400 x 2400 x 950mm
Seating capacity:5 persons
Shell:USA Aristech Acrylic rigid bond six layers fusion system shell with insulation foam(30mm)
Skirt(cabinet):Weatherable Maintenance-free Synthetic skirt(cabinet)
Standard spa control:Royal computer control system with Radio and bluetooth function
Spa heater:1 x 3.0KW
Circulation pump:1 x 0.35HP
Massage pump:1 x 2.0HP ; 2 x 2.5HP
Air blower:1 x 900W
Water jet:81 PCS
Air jet:22 PCS
Led light:30 PCS
Ozone system:


Two ergonomic full body loungers and an optimally equipped chief seat shape.Hydra hot tub model can accommodate five people.Spa four places are equipped with comfortable pillows.Especially in Hydra hot tub spa model is the generous storage space for beverages or snacks.With 2.4m length and width,the Hydra jacuzzi is the largest hot tub of Royal Spa.

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